Divyesh Swami / Work Play Identity Design

Work Play Identity Design

There is something about the power of opposites, the drums up its own energy. Like, ’Save money by spending it’; or ‘Deep down, people are shallow’; or ’The second sentence is false. The first sentence is true.’ Guess you get the drift. So getting millennials, a.k.a. BPO employees to get motivated, go the extra mile in their work. Live the dreams they portray on Instagram, is as as nifty as harnessing the power of the end from the beginning.
From the power of the paradox, came the inspiration for the design identity done for our client at Hinduja Global Solutions. Bright pop art colours, juxtaposed with iconography derived from work-related software, rendered a visual treat to the eye; and went on to adorn posters, wall graphics, merch, mugs and what have you.

Brand Identity