Divyesh Swami / Gurukul Mind Valley

Gurukul Mind Valley

This identity design is for a forward-thinking school based in Kerala. They promote a novel way of thinking and teaching that is more sustainable in developing thinking, compassionate human beings.

The logo had to represent the three H’s of life (the three pillars on which the school is ideologically built) – Happiness, Habit, and High Thinking.

The identity is a combination of a lotus with three petals that represents the three H’s of life with an iconic representation of a person coming out of the lotus. The front petal is kept as a negative space so that it’s easy to identity the petal even when the logo is made very small.

Together, it’s the representation of an evolved student, blooming out of the lotus of wisdom, nurtured by the three H’s of life – Happiness, Habit, and High Thinking.

Apart from the logo, I have worked on the visual design extension, guidelines, and stationery.


Brand Identity