Divyesh Swami / Shades of Green

Shades of Green

Come the monsoon season and it’s time for Evolve Back Resorts to start their offer campaign. A little digging and research led to the insight that it wasn’t just the rains that brought tourists to the resort, but the fact that the rains turned the land into a lush green and refreshing paradise. It appears that the tourists weren’t romancing the rain after all. They were simply head-over-heels in love with what the rain brought about in nature – seductive greenery as far as eye could see that lifted the spirits and made the soul sing.

Research also told us that some people would actually avoid Evolve Back Resorts afraid that the approach road to the property would be unmotorable. That was direction enough for this campaign that shunned the rain angle and shone its light on the mesmerizing colours of the land that the rains revealed as if by magic. ‘SHADES OF GREEN’ talked about the spirit lifting and rejuvenating power of green and how it can light up one’s soul. The campaign unfolded as Google Network banners and advertising on social platforms. These were supported by short-burst animated videos that explored ‘SHADES OF GREEN’ further.


Brand Identity, Digital Campaign