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Nadathur Intranet

Nadathur Finance Intranet

What? You serious? A finance company wanting an intranet with UI / UX that’s fun, irreverent and zany?

As if that’s not enough, you’re requested to park yourself on a sturdy chair as you read this; a glimpse at the calendar will tell you that the year was 2012.

But as they say, the outside story always belies the inside one. So what the stakeholders at Nadahur Finance ardently sought, is what they finally got and bought in to.

The use of vibrant colour posited against white space, interspersed with lighthearted, in-your-face graphics and illustrations, imbued a normally staid and boring finance intranet into a fun platform for the entire company to rally around and deep dive into, every morning and right through the day.


Brand Identity, UI/UX

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