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Krazy for Kwid

KrazyforKwid busts the internet

What on earth would get a bunch of people #KrazyforKwid? Or to what lengths would they go to get one for free? That's what this risk-it-or-lose-it campaign concept deigned to find out. A daring step off the creative cliff, which resulted in flight, rather than its opposite.

Team Renault was awesomely kicked with the idea of running, this 'how far would you go', month-long Facebook and YouTube contest, where fans could send in their entries and post their vids.

With UGC sustaining interest in the campaign, the contest was a drive-away success, as these 'Krazy' stats reveal. What with 4000+ entries, a reach that crossed 1.5 mil and over 70,000 bookings for the Kwid at launch.


Brand Identity, Digital Campaign