Divyesh Swami / Berger T20 Social Media Campaign

Berger T20 Social Media Campaign

Berger ka T20 – Evolution of Painting campaign
Launched during the last T20 season, the campaign subliminally parallels the dramatic evolution of cricket into its T20 avatar,  but visually focuses on the joy of calling in the Berger Express Painting Service professionals, resulting from the evolution of painting, from its messy, multi-day past to the job being completed in a jiffy, by the professionals from Berger Paints.
A close-to-my-heart campaign, as HGS’ Head Creative on the account. You know how it gets when the client is like ‘should-I-run-it-should- I-not’, but we as a team believed in it and went out on a limb… the rest of course is history, as the campaign garnered some very impressive numbers, as you can see.


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