Divyesh Swami / Berger Paints, Diwali Jugaadu Social media Campaign

Berger Paints, Diwali Jugaadu Social media Campaign

Long before the work ‘hack’ became one of the  internet darlings, there was ‘jugaad’. In fact, it is suspected that the gap between ‘jugaad’ and the time ‘hack’ came into existence, was occupied by a global search for an appropriate English word that adequately translates its meaning. Long story short, ‘hack’ is still no patch on ‘jugaad’.
Deigning to make a difference last Diwali, the team working on Berger Paints, hit upon a campaign that would encourage fans to send in festival decor jugaads; and enjoy the opportunity to win fabulous prizes.
The entire creative campaign was designed to bring out the ‘jugaadu’ in you.


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