UX Design Consulting & Services

Internet users have moved from a need-based to a want-based social group. Having all their needs satisfied a.k.a. information dissemination, we’ve gravitated towards higher forms of satisfaction, viz. emotional wants. Users today expect much more from web destinations and life in general. Having their needs fulfilled, they now strive for something more substantial – emotional meaning.
Thats why cool design alone doesnt cut it. The UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) must emotionally connect, meeting the destination owner’s objectives and the user’s unvoiced desires. 
Enter UX Design Consultancy & Services, with a tried and tested 5-step process, where strategy, UX and UI are an evolving destination and goal.
# 1 Business Strategy Evaluation
It begins with deep diving into your current business challenges; or your business strategy and plan for a new venture. Through focused group discussions with different departments, insights into your business and audiences are drawn.
# 2 Audience Evaluations
Understanding your audience is activated by research and direct candidate interviews. Profiles, personas and scenarios are then created, after discussion with the business stakeholders.
# 3 User needs Analysis
Discerning current business tasks, and forecasting future needs is arrived at, after business process and task evaluation across departments. 
# 4 Information Architecture & Wire framing
The Information Architecture framework is now developed based on tasks flows and user needs. This input goes into creating a set of low fidelity Wire Frames. These are used to obtain user feedback and execute iterations, which reduce development time. The stage is now set for the User Interface design.
# 5 User Experience Design
Once the wireframes are finalised, the User Interface design gives your business / brand it’s unique look’n’feel. Partnering with UX developers, gets the User Experience just right. This ensures the experience is standardised across devices.