Divyesh Swami / Monexo


Monexo, a unique Hong Kong based, P2P lending marketplace, is focussed on property owners, wishing to borrow against their future rental income. A great service started by finance and tech professionals, with decades of experience in leading global financial institutions and tech giants.
A service so unique and stake-holders so dynamic, required a distinct identity to boot.
The cold, dry, emotionless financial realm was turned on its head by tapping into the power of human touch. Based on this strategic inspiration, the ‘M’ of the logo virtually lent itself to be transformed into the two people hand-shaking. The lemony green tone, posted against a darker shade of the same palette, brought in an air of freshness.  The cut-away holes in the visiting card doubled as thought bubbles of a dream, finally connecting into a cohesive whole and becoming a reality with Monex.
The baselines undergirding this design thinking were then taken through the entire branding, including the identity design, stationery, responsive UI and UX and animated film, which promoted a feeling of well-being and positivity to the service offering of Monexo.

Brand Identity